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The language services industry, acting as a vital bridge between diverse cultures, plays a pivotal role in global communication. Staying abreast of the latest trends and challenges in this dynamic field is essential. Traduno proudly sponsored the ATC UK Language Services Industry Survey and Report 2023, a comprehensive exploration of the UK’s language services sector.

Understanding the UK Language Services Industry

The UK, celebrated for its cultural diversity and global reach, hosts a thriving language services industry, actually 2nd after the US by size. However, like any sector, it must adapt to evolving trends. The ATC (Association of Translation Companies), an industry authority, recognized the need to illuminate the current state of the UK’s language services market. Thus, the ATC UK Language Services Industry Survey and Report 2023 was born.

Traduno’s Proud Sponsorship

As a prominent player in translation and localization software, Traduno was honored to sponsor this significant report. Our deep commitment to the language services industry led us to support a project aimed at revealing the industry’s resilience and diversity.


A Dive into the Report

The ATC’s report is a treasure trove for industry insiders, covering market trends, challenges, technological advancements, and the role of Translation Business Management Systems (TBMS).

One report highlight is an interview with Traduno’s CEO, Steve Higgins. Nimdzi, the organization behind the report, spoke with Mr. Higgins about the pros and cons of developing an in-house TBMS solution. This interview showcases Traduno’s expertise and leadership in translation and localization software.

ATC Event: September 21st and 22nd

Traduno’s involvement extended beyond sponsorship; we actively participated in the ATC event on September 21st and 22nd. These two days celebrated the language services industry, bringing professionals from around the world together to discuss, share knowledge, and forge connections.

Why the Report Matters

The ATC UK Language Services Industry Survey and Report 2023 are vital as they provide insights into a pivotal industry in our interconnected world. Key takeaways include:

  1. Resilience Amid Challenges: The report showcases the UK language services industry’s resilience in the face of changing client expectations, market saturation, and technological impacts.
  2. The Role of Technology: Technology continues to shape the industry, with a focus on Translation Management Systems (TMS) and TBMS to enhance efficiency and quality.
  3. Diversity and Innovation: The UK’s language services industry is a hub of diversity and innovation, with companies exploring new markets, offering specialized services, and adapting to emerging trends.
  4. The Power of Collaboration: Collaboration is pivotal in this industry, emphasizing partnerships between language service providers, translators, clients, and technology partners.
  5. Preparing for the Future: As the industry evolves, organizations must stay ahead. The report’s insights help businesses prepare for future challenges and opportunities.


Traduno’s sponsorship of the ATC UK Language Services Industry Survey and Report 2023 underscores our dedication to the language services industry. We believe in the power of knowledge and collaboration to drive positive change. We invite you to read the report and explore its rich insights. In a world where effective cross-cultural communication is vital, the language services industry remains essential. Traduno is proud to contribute to this journey, supporting the industry’s growth and evolution.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Traduno as we continue to empower the language services community with innovative solutions and a commitment to excellence.