Traduno is the Translation Business Management Solution (TBMS) that covers efficiently all the aspects of your LSP operations.

User-friendly Client Portal

Streamline client interactions with a centralized portal that consolidates their translation work. Optimize clients’ workflows and simplify project management. Features include quick quote requests, real-time chat, activity notifications, and efficient invoice management for a seamless experience.

Efficient Project Management

Optimize translation workflows with Traduno. Seamlessly create, assign tasks, and track progress. Foster collaboration with chat and file sharing. Ensure timely deliveries with automated reminders. Centralize project files and maintain translation quality. Enhance transparency with a client portal to showcase progress.

Well-structured vendor management

Maintain a productive vendor database with Traduno’s vendor management. Organize and track vendor information, ensuring seamless collaboration and resource allocation. Leverage vendor ratings to foster strong partnerships with top linguists.

Effective quality management

Swiftly address quality issues within your projects using Traduno. Identify and resolve discrepancies or concerns, whether internal or client/vendor-reported, with our intuitive quality issue placement feature. Simplify issue management for exceptional results.

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